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Experience Transformation... ONLINE!

Combining more than 20 Years of Experience in the Learning & Development industry, our Significant Engagement with more than 200 companies and organizations, and the Whole-person Transformation of over 300,000 individuals, we move the Convergent Experience ONLINE!

This is the best time to build yourself up, reinvent yourself, sharpen your skills and emerge from this with a Better Version of yourself. With all our fully-charged Virtual Programs, you can level up everyday - into a Better You, a Better Team, a Better Leader.

What is the LXP?

As we transition to the new world around us, we want to emerge more agile and adaptive.

With the recent shift to a more virtual landscape, Convergent Experience has pivoted the online world. We journey online with you as we lay the foundations of a virtual learning space with more training programs, interventions, digital courses for Leaders, Teams, Professionals who are now faced with different kinds of changes in this New World. 

While our trainings and interventions have evolved to adapt to the online platform, we have also created the Convergent Learning eXperience Platform (LXP), a Learning Ecosystem that brings together experts, content, learner, community, culture, strategy and technology in one virtual venue anytime, anywhere through our digital courses.

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Blended Learning Workshops

Courses that Supplement a LIVE Workshop.
Materials used during the Workshops will be available in the online courses coupled with additional resources that can further supplement the Live Workshop.

Training for Entrepreneurs

An extensive online course with 5 Modules of 9 Lessons each on Business Analysis, Market Research, Financial Analysis,
Data Analytics, and Training & Facilitation.